FLIBAM Comics Presents – Issue 3: Insane Ninja Girl Unprepared

Grand News Network | March 9, 2024

Rainier, Oregon — A dynamic and diverse group of women have joined forces to create an exhilarating new comic book series, “Insane Ninja Girl.” This captivating narrative follows the journey of Ingu Hayashi, a young woman navigating unfamiliar waters to escape the nightmares haunting her dreams and bleeding into her reality.

Rainier, OR, United States, 9th Mar 2024 – Explore the latest issue of the Insane Ninja Girl comic book series published by FLIBAM Comics. Issue #3: “Insane Ninja Girl Unprepared” is currently in production and scheduled for release in April 2024. This visually stunning comic book is produced by a dynamic and diverse group of women. The series weaves a captivating collection of stories that chronicle the adventures of Ingu Hayashi, a young woman navigating unfamiliar waters to escape the nightmares haunting her dreams and bleeding into her reality.

FLIBAM Comics Presents - Issue 3: Insane Ninja Girl Unprepared

Key Features of the FLIBAM Comic Series:

Diverse Creative Team: “Insane Ninja Girl” is the result of a collaboration between women of diverse ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, and experiences. FLIBAM currently employs writers and artists from Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Uganda. All of our artists, regardless of their location, are valuable contributors to the project. We provide each individual with the resources and rewards necessary to ensure equitable and just compensation. These powerful individuals create a rich tapestry of perspectives to the challenges faced by women around the world.

Empowering Narrative: The Insane Ninja Girl story centers around Ingu Hayashi, a young woman from Seattle, Washington. A young girl raised in the foster care system, Ingu now finds herself trapped by nightmarish events that are beyond her control. Her entire world is suddenly and violently turned upside down – she is on the run!

Cultural Authenticity: Our team blends fantasy, traditions, and folklore with the modern day world. The inspired creators at FLIBAM Comics have crafted a world that authentically represents the beauty and diversity of different cultures, providing readers with an amazing and immersive experience.

Visual Beauty: Every issue of the series features stunning artwork that brings the characters, locations, and action to life. Our visual artists utilize hand-drawn techniques and do not rely on AI to create the stunning visual scenery and action images that fill every page. The visuals are a testament to the skill and dedication of the artistic team, showcasing artistic detail rarely seen in serial comics.

Limited Publication: FLIBAM signature comic book series, like Insane Ninja Girl, are produced in a limited print edition. Each 36 page issue is printed in full-color on high quality paper. We print 25,000 copies of each issue in three print runs – we never reprint! Copies of the Insane Ninja Girls series are available for sale and distribution directly from FLIBAM Comics or from select independent comic book retailers.

The “Insane Ninja Girl” series offers comic book fans a fresh and empowering perspective. We are dedicated to celebrating the ongoing accomplishments of women around the world… Women and girls who face insurmountable challenges and yet, overcome unbelievable obstacles.

Issue #3: “Insane Ninja Girl Unprepared,” is set to be released on April 30, 2024. For more information, please visit https://flibam.com/ or contact Mark Gaither at info@flibam.com or (503) 395-8778.

About: FLIBAM Comics is a new indie comic book publisher engaging writers and artists from around the world. We are currently developing several new comic book series and are opening submissions for publication of independent works by other comic book authors. We believe the power of storytelling can change the world.

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